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How to choose the most suitable cleaning products for your household?

1. If you have kids - make sure that you have a cleaning closet - if possible locked or out of their reach. No matter how non-toxic, a cleaning chemical is a danger for a curious child, especially when they are small and they like to taste everything. Also make sure the chemical's perfume is not too strong or not all. We reccomend organic, non toxic products or if you have the time and energy make your own.

2. If you have pets - use as much as possible cleaning products that do not have much perfume or make your own. There are lots of DIY articles for making own cleaning products - but keep in mind they may not last long or if you don't measure correctly the percentage it's either too strong or too weak.

3. If you are allergic - use chemicals without scent and non-allergic certified products - this way you know exactly what you are dealing with.

Chemicals - use the proper type of chemical for each surface to avoid damaging your furniture, floors or other objects that you clean. If you are not sure or you want to keep if simple, have a multisurface/general cleaner.

Dusting - in all cases, is best to use microfiber cleaning cloths that can be washed and re-used as many times as possible - this way you reduce waste and save money. Also when washing the cleaning cloths DO NOT use softener or bleach - to avoid destroying or making them less effective. Also for windows or mirrors in order to have the best result you should use a special cloth made for glass.

Vacuuming - check that the dust bag is not full and the filter is clean so that you don't spread more dust and inhale it. If the vacuum cleaner smells when using it, change the filter and the dust bag. Also check that the brush is smooth and it doesn't scratch the surfaces. Make sure the electric cord or other parts are not broken or something stuck in the tube/hoses.

Mopping - no matter what kind of mop you prefer to use make sure you adapt the amount of water and floor chemical to the type of floor you have (wood, ceramic tiles, laminated floor, etc).

Cleaning can be easy and fun to do if you have the proper equipment and products. Also is a great way to move and reduce stress if you have some free time - if not, you can always book a cleaning session with us here.

Happy cleaning :)

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