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What is Bioklean?

We are a young company based in Espoo and we are born out of customers' need for quality cleaning and our love for the environment! We decided to give cleaning services with a green twist.. At the moment we can only take orders for Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa and Kirkkonumi areas.

Our people are experienced, have an eye for details and are motivated to give you the best service ever because they love what they do. Working is safe and doesn't put anyone's health at risk because we use only bio products to get the job done. 

Our philosophy

We all want to be happy & healthy. Our spaces have to look impeccably, feel fresh and smell good. To achieve that our home/work environment deserves the best maintenance possible and that means also using the safest cleaning products and materials.


We can all see how rapidly the earth is suffering because of human actions: climate change, species dying, disasters and so on. Cleaning industry is also part of those harmful actions together with many other industries. Because of this we want to to make things differently and we are offering only bio-cleaning services. Hopefully, our example will inspire others and together we can build a better future for the generations to come. 

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