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Welcome on our blog

Cleaning is our job and our passion, and we would like to share from our experience. Whether you want to learn how to clean your home properly or you are a self-employed cleaning professional who wants to expand his/her knowledge, we hope our articles will be useful and able to convince you to clean using environmentally friendly products, reduce - reuse - recycle! We do not only want to have a clean home but a clean planet as well, that can last for the generations to come.

Do you need professional cleaning services?

At the moment we can offer cleaning services only in Uusimaa, Finland. If you are looking for a dedicated cleaning professional in your area, we recommend that you take only people or companies that are highly recommended by a person/company that you know.

Our services

  • Home cleaning

  • Office cleaning

  • Move-in/ move-out cleaning

  • Window cleaning

All services can be personalised, depending on our customers' needs. We encourage customers to book in advance and a reasonable amount of time so that the cleaning can be done at its best.

More about Bioklean

You can visit our website here

You can like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram

Thank you for choosing bio-cleaning! Mother Earth is grateful!

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