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Why bio-cleaning?

Everything we do (including cleaning) should be done in a sustainable way! Have you ever thought how much chemicals are being used by cleaning companies and private persons everyday on a global scale? Yeah, it's A LOT! And think of all the plastic bottles, gloves, wipes and other products that become a waste after every cleaning.

How can I clean my home in a sustainable way?

Always choose bio-degradable chemicals or make your own at home from simple ingredients. Instead of use and throw products or tools buy durable things that can be reused as much as possible.

In order to be able to clean your home properly, there are a few things you must have:

  • mop (preferable with telescopic handle and a washable cloth)

  • vacuum cleaner (a bagless vacuum cleaner is more environmentally friendly and if you calculate how much you have to spend on the bags, in the end it might be cheaper too, but the choice is yours)

  • one bucket (to keep the tools and chemicals, you can use it also for the water you use to clean floors, or other purposes)

  • reusable microfiber cleaning cloths for kitchen, bathroom, toilet, dust, windows/mirrors

  • one small brush to reach difficult areas, and one for floors

Tips for choosing cleaning products

Whenever you decide to buy cleaning products:

1. Make sure you buy eco-friendly ones. Also keep in mind that they shouldn't have a very strong perfume (you or your cleaner will inhale it regularly), or any perfume at all if anyone in the house is allergic.

2. Instead of wet wipes for windows, furniture, wc, etc. use microfiber clothes that can be washed and reused as many times as possible. A good microfiber cleaning cloth should be absorbent, easy to dry, doesn't leave lint, does't scratch the surface and can be reused over and over again.

3. Instead of disposable gloves buy a pair of good durable rubber gloves, this way you reduce the plastic you throw away OR if you still prefer disposable gloves buy biodegradable cleaning gloves.

4. If you like, make your own cleaning products. There are many sources on the internet that teach you how to make at home own cleaning products. Always use natural, bio products (oils, vinegar, etc) from certified sources so that you can get the best results.

5. Instead of buying many types of products for bathroom, kitchen, toilet, etc. buy a good multi-purpose cleaner that can be mixed with water and depending on the concentration, you can use for different areas of the house. Keep one spray bottle for each purpose: kitchen, bathroom, windows and general (multi surface). Refill them whenever necessary.

Life can be simple and cleaning too. If we use simple, natural products, that don't harm us or the environment,

we can have a fresh and healthy home all year round. Always remember that your home needs sun and fresh air as much as you do. So, lift the blinds/curtains and open the windows so the house can breathe too .

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