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Terms & Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions apply between Natura Group TMI (referred as the “Company”, "Bioklean" or "Service Provider") and all of their subsidiaries, business identity number 2470211-1, having its registered address at Joupinkuja 2A 9, 02760, Espoo, and Bioklean’s customers, both private and business customers (referred collectively as “Customer").

The purpose of these General Terms is to determine the terms and conditions under which Company will provide Customer with a professional cleaning service. The Company reserves the right to change these General Terms.

1. About the Service

When a binding agreement exists between the Customer and the Company, the Company shall ensure that the Service is conducted in accordance with the Agreement. The Company is committed to ensuring that the Service is performed in a professional manner.

The required equipment, tools and cleaning detergents, which must be provided by the Customer, are advised in detail in the booking process and also in the booking confirmation for the Customer. The Customer must provide for the Company the necessary information about the above items in premises, so that the Service can be performed efficiently and to ensure the availability of the necessary equipment, tools and supplies.

If the Customer has chosen the Service to be performed by means of the tools and supplies provided by the Customer, then the Customer will ensure the cleaner's access to the said supplies.

2. Service order and cancellation

According to the agreement between Customer and Company

3. Promotions

Promotional prices may be subject to separate and limited conditions. If conditions are not met, the Company reserves the right to charge the Customer for the amount corresponding to the discount given in connection with the promotion.

4. Confidentiality

All Company employees have written a confidentiality agreement that does not allow them to disclose any information about the Customer or his/her/its personal circumstances that they have been aware of. Company will not disclose Customer information to any third parties, except those partners whose contribution to the provision of the Service is indispensable. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Company shall be entitled to disclose Customer contact information, where such disclosure is required pursuant to law, decree or order issued by competent authorities.

5. Privacy

Personal data about Customers is processed in accordance with the local legislation

6. Payment and payment terms

The fee for the Service is calculated after the service has been performed by mutual agreement between the Company and the Customer in accordance with the applicable price list for Services.

According to local legislation and practices, a Finnish Customer may be eligible to deduction of household expenses (kotitalousvähennys). The Company will send to the Customer a clear calculation of the Services purchased in the beginning of the year as well as the instructions how to use the deduction in the personal taxation (upon request).

7. Prices and billing

The prices of the Services are in accordance with the valid price list as listed on the Company website unless otherwise has been agreed in the Specific terms between the Customer and the Company. Customer will receive one invoice per month  for all the services provided by the Company during that month(unless otherwise agreed).

8. Customer involvement

The Customer shall contribute to the performance of the Service. Customer shall upon the request provide details of any particular circumstances that the Company must take into account in the performance of the Service. In order for the Service to be performed, Customers must, to a reasonable extent, discard loose items before performing the Service and the premises to be cleaned must not be in worse condition than normal use of a premises. Customers shall ensure that cleaners have access to the property from the first day of Service until the final date, in accordance with the Agreement with the Company. If there is an alarm system in the premises, the Customer shall inform the Company and the cleaners of its existence before the first day of the Service and shall instruct the cleaners, how to use the system. If the Customer does not instruct the usage of the alarm system and cleaners accidentally cause the alarm, the Customer is responsible of such consequences and related costs.

Our cleaners are professionals and act accordingly when providing the Service for the Customer. Our cleaners will execute the service within the time period agreed between the Customer and the Company.

Customers are responsible for the cleaners having access to hot and cold water as well as working electrical outlets during the performance of the Service. The cleaner should also be entitled to use the Customer’s toilet facilities if needed for the work environment reasons. Customers shall ensure that there are no conditions or loose pets in the property or premises that endanger the performance of the Service or the cleaners. Cleaners have the right to cancel the performance of the Service if he or she has reasonable reason to believe that the performance poses danger for health, safety and the environment. If the Service cannot be performed and it is due to Customer, the Company will charge the Customer for the costs incurred by the Company in connection with this.

9. Complaints

Any complaints may be directed without delay in written form to the Company’s physical address OR the company’s email address. Customer must provide necessary details and evidence (e.g. pictures) of the damages or underperformed service. Customer is entitled to complain within reasonable time or latest 3 days after the service execution in written form to the Company’s physical address OR the company’s email address.

10. Limitation of Liability

Customer may claim compensation for loss due to failure in Service. However, this does not apply to the extent that it is proved that the loss is due to an obstacle beyond the control of the Company and which the Company could not reasonably have expected to take into consideration during the term of the Agreement or to avoid or overcome the consequences of.

The Company will obtain at its own cost and maintain during the term of this Agreement an adequate commercial general liability insurance from a reputable insurance company that covers the Company’s obligations under this Agreement. The Company's total cumulative liability under this Agreement or when performing the Service, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, shall be limited to such a liability insurance.

11. Force Majeure

Force Majeure event means any failure by a party to perform its obligations under this Agreement caused by an impediment beyond its control, which it could not have taken into account at the time of conclusion of the Agreement, and the consequences of which it could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome. The Company is not responsible for cases of delay or circumstance where we cannot deliver due to force majeure. For example, strikes, insurgency, natural disasters, power outage or no telephone coverage.

12. Resolving conflicts

The parties shall primarily attempt to resolve any dispute, controversy or claim under or in relation to these General Terms and related Agreement(s) through amicable negotiations. Should the parties fail to settle the dispute or claim, either party shall be entitled to initiate legal proceedings as set forth below for final resolution of the dispute. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach, termination or validity thereof, shall be resolved by amicable settlement in a court-annexed mediation procedure at the district court of Helsinki, Finland.

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